“I have known Sima for over eight years, working with her both as part of PwC and, until recently, with Visa. She is a very talented and knowledgeable expert in US GAAP, a “black belt” in many technical areas where most CPAs fear to tread. As the Global Controller of Visa Inc. my number one responsibility is ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our financial statements. This responsibility is made more and more challenging by the fact that US GAAP is continually evolving and becoming more complex. For the vast majority of companies, it's just not practical to maintain internal staff who are experts in many of the highly technical areas of GAAP such as complex deal structuring, derivatives, business combinations, etc. This is where Sima is invaluable. She has the technical ability to advise on those unique transactions, that occur so infrequently, but are so significant to a Company's financial statements. She takes what's complex and simplifies. She takes what's confusing and clarifies. She can help decision makers gain a clear understanding of the financial statement impacts of a transaction before they sign on the dotted line. On what is often one of the most important transactions of an executive's life, such clarity can be the difference between success and stepping on a landmine. I was very lucky to have her on my team for so many years!”

James H. Hoffmeister
Global Corporate Controller- VISA Inc.


" I had the distinct pleasure of working with Sima while at Visa where she led all M&A accounting amongst other technical projects as a member of the Accounting Policy & Technical Accounting Group. Sima is professional and methodical in her approach, has an in-depth understanding of the technical accounting rules and regulation and the ability to articulate its application based on a strong business understanding. "

Shibu Ninan
Senior Manager - KPMG LLP