We are a professional services firm in the Bay Area offering a turn-key solution for companies entering into Strategic Investments Mergers & Acquisitions that are seeking expertise in accounting, valuation and due diligence services. We place resources within your team that are not only M&A experts but who also have a deep knowledge of technical accounting and valuations.

We differ from accounting, valuation and due diligence firms as we represent your management rather than acting independently. We add value to your company by complementing your existing M&A team or fulfilling an expertise that is temporarily in need but not in-house. As advisors we are part of your team before the deal is inked or any business models are approved, and we remain part of the team until after the deal is closed, reported and signed off by your auditors. In summary, we will be there from start to finish working along with you. However, we will not be on your payroll but hired as deals arise and on an ‘as-needed basis'.

We are not just an accounting firm.
We are not just a valuation firm.
We are not just a due diligence firm.
We are not just a staffing firm.

SIMA Consultancy is your in-house external M&A expert, as and when required.