Our Services

M&A Services - BuySide 

Besides valution, technical accounting and due diligence services, our strength lies in assisting public corporate clients, VCs and pre-IPO clients with deal structuring and understanding the accounting ramifications of acquisitions and strategic partnerships, prior to a deal being signed or closed. The benefit of our services is to get us involved early in the deal to avoid surprises in the end... How will a potential acquisition impact your EPS? How will this acquisition change your balance sheet or income statement? If you enter into a strategic investment or partnership, do you need to consolidate? How can you minimize the risk of impairment after the acquisition? 

M&A Services - Sell Side

Furthermore, our experience working with public corporate buyers has enabled us to help smaller companies maximize their value and avoid price erosion due to surprises in due diligence. Small companies may not have the inhouse expertise or resources to focus on the financial, accounting or sox rules and regulation.  We help smaller companies to get ready to be acquired by corporate buyers and to become a more desirable candidate for an acquisition... What do you mean to reduce the purchase price because the revenue recognition policy is incorrect and not in compliance with US GAAP? How can the deal be blown off just because the financial records are based on cash accounting and excell? Isn't Cash always King! What are the internal controls and key controls you need at a minimum?

Refer to the information below for a list of examples of the type of services that we provide. If you have questions or wish to have more information about our services, please send us an email or give us a call. 


          At Closing


  • Deal Structuring & Readiness review
  • Review of Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Financial Statement Impact
  • Accretion & Dilution
  • Financial modeling
  • Business Cases
  • Accounting Policy & GAAP review
  • SEC Requirements
  • Quality of Earnings
  • Net Working Capital Adjustments
  • Due Diligence /Vendor Assistance
  • Review Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)
  • Purchase Accounting
  • Purchase Price allocations
  • Valuation of Intangible Assets
  • Opening Balance Sheet
  • White Papers and Technical Accounting memo
  • Agreed upon Procedures for closing Balance sheet
  • Reporting and Disclosures
  • Integration support
  • Auditor review
  • Comment Letter
  • Information and Data sharing
  • Monitoring Value drivers & tracking Synergies
  • Qualitative and quantitative Impairment review
  • Training
  • Disposal and Exit
  • Restructuring

Project Management
  • Scoping , SOWs, hiring and managing other advisors
  • Managing Budgets and costs
  • Managing Information flow and Coordination deal team
  • Deal Issues & Reporting
  • Managing different work streams

Other Technical Accounting Services

  • Consolidation
  • Non-controlling interests
  • Equity Method Investments
  • Variable Interest Entities
  • Complex Financings and Leasing
  • Divestures and Carve Outs
  • Impairments
  • Fair Value accounting